Sunday, March 22, 2009

Never Trust an Asian Fart

A wise Brit once told me:
"Never trust an Asian fart".

At first I assumed he was referring to the shrewdness with which elderly Asian's bargain in the marketplace. Or perhaps I misheard and he was advising me to avoid taking transportation with an Asian FAR.

But no, there it was again. Never Trust an Asian Fart.

I haven't had any of the encounters to which he was referring, but now I can only imagine he was making reference to the aftereffects of the Asian cuisine and its bodily untrustworthiness.

Bangkok Belly
Chinese Fire Drill
Japanese Kamikaze Bomber

The accidents go by many names, but they all have one thing in common:
Excruciating abdominal pain and hours hunched over (hopefully) your new porcelain friend. I say hopefully, because not all establishments guarantee a western commode.

Luckily, my digestive tract is as strong as an ox and I can eat fermented eggs until the cows come home.
beijing hot pot
And then I can eat the cows too.