Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Real Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Backflip

The Jedi, only use The Force if ya force me, Shaolin What?!
-Method Man

In the Song mountain, which lies between Luoyang and Dengfeng, exists the sole reason why China will soon rule the world - the Shaolin Temple.

With the recent passing of Mr Kung Fu himself, I decided it was time to fill in my readers on a pilgrimage I made to the the hidden temple.

A few things about Shaolin:

1: Shaolin Kung Fu was brought to China from India by a buddhist monk. Its an import, just like Buddhism itself.

2: It was originally a form of meditation not the apex of ass-kicking, hand-to-hand combat..

The temple itself is accessible by a few bus routes and cars. The buses are primarily for nearby villagers that have sent their children to study at the temple.

And there are a LOT of visitors because there are an insane amount of children studying to kick all of our asses. Kung fu master seems to be an actual career plan in that region. And shit, I'd be worried. I sort of AM worried. Forget trade policy, China will take over the world solely because of this kid's flying kick.

Shaolin Flying Kick

Oh and the temple and surrounding area is pretty beautiful too.

Shaolin Temple Scenic View