Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Last Great Example of Chinglish

I just realized it has been a long time since I wrote a post. In case you haven't been following my narrative here, this blog was originally intended to document a few month stay in Beijing. But, as you can see from the archive on the side of the page, its grown a bit. Now, after over two years, Veronica and I are leaving Beijing, heading back to the US.

When I have some additional downtime, I plan to share a lot of additional picture and leave this site up as a scrapbook of experiences, advice and bad jokes.

So before I do that, I want to share one of the best examples of Chinglish I've seen. This one falls into the category of "mistranscribed letters".

I believe the intended text was:
"Sweet Cali - Gumballs, Juicy Flavors - Whoa"

Needless to say, that alone would have been pretty awesome. However, the creator of this shirt made it even better and have given the world the following, behold:
"Sweet Cali - Cumballs, Juicy Flavorsh - Whoau"

I imagine the "Juicy Flavorsh" line spoken with a minor speech impediment and the "whoau" exclaimed like Joey Lawrence on Blossem.